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Business Network Seminars

Speakers at DeFiMS Business Network Seminars are typically well-established practitioners in the City of London and other business communities. They exchange their perspectives and experiences with DeFiMS students and staff members.

Several of the seminars have been recorded and are made available here for CeFiMS distance learning students.

For further information on past and future events in this series please visit the DeFiMS Business Network Seminars blog.

Geoff Lindey

Divided Loyalties: The Challenge of Satisfying Competing Stakeholders

Recorded at SOAS University of London on 27th November 2013

Geoff Lindey is a leading authority on institutional investment and corporate governance. He was Head of UK Institutional Investment at JP Morgan and has had a leading role in in the National Association of Pension Funds as well as serving on the Greenbury Committee on corporate governance and the Myners Committee on institutional investment.

Jon Hull

International Business and Talent Management in the Asia Pacific Region

Recorded at SOAS University of London on 16th October 2013

Neil Cameron

Entrepreneurship: Filling a Gap and Building a Professional Services Company

Recorded at SOAS University of London on 9th October 2013

Many people think about starting a business – or even a social enterprise. Neil has done it and talks about the experience of starting and growing a successful, modern business.

Peter Robinson

Director for the African Region, Economic Consulting Associates Ltd

Recorded at SOAS University of London on 31st October 2012

Peter has many years experience as an international consultant advising in sectors that include energy, water, and international infrastructure projects. He brings to the Seminar the career insights he has gained into the role of consultants. (Economic Consulting Associates is a niche consultancy firm operating in the UK and worldwide, bringing its advanced skills in economics, regulation, pricing and financing to its business of advising on major infrastructure projects.)