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An MSc from the Centre for Financial and Management will help you to develop your professional skills. We recognise that you already have experience and expertise. An MSc will help you to build on that by providing specialist study in areas that are relevant to your work in a rapidly changing world.

Available MSc programmes

Finance and Financial Law

The rapid and wide-ranging changes occurring in financial markets around the world and in the legal and regulatory environment in which they operate has created a demand for people with expertise in both finance and financial law. This MSc takes an integrated approach to these two aspects by including risk management, regulation, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, formation of companies and the bank-client relation, bond issues, and loans. It relates to both national and international finance and will introduce you to how financial and legal principles are applied in practice as well as in theory.

Finance (Banking)

The MSc Finance (Banking) is designed for postgraduates wanting to enter the banking sector and professionals already working in financial or neighbouring sectors who are looking to gain a competitive advantage while deepening their knowledge in financial management, particularly in core banking activities (maturity/risk mismatch management), retirement and financial planning, commercial credit and factoring, and liquidity and risk management.

Finance (Economic Policy)

The MSc Finance (Economic Policy) is designed principally for postgraduates working on economic policy in government, central banks, other public organisations, international institutions and consultancy. It enables you to deepen your understanding of the principles, applications, and context underlying economic policy with a focus on policy's financial aspects.

Finance (Financial Sector Management)

The MSc Finance (Financial Sector Management) is designed to advance a career in management within banks and other financial firms. It enables you to deepen your understanding of the principles, applications, and context underlying decision-making in financial sector management.

Finance (Quantitative Finance)

The MSc Finance (Quantitative Finance) is designed principally for postgraduates whose work in banks and other financial institutions requires knowledge of statistical (particularly econometric) and quantitative approaches to risk and derivatives. It is particularly suitable if you have a first degree in engineering, applied science, applied mathematics, economics, or similar subjects, but also suitable for others with quantitative skills.

International Business Administration

International businesses have a growing need for senior personnel with high quality management skills and specialist regional knowledge. As the regions of Asia and of Africa take roles as leading and emerging economies in the world, this MSc International Business Administration responds to this need. Students will study the interplay between global and local factors that influence management decisions in business.

Public Financial Management

This programme will provide you with skills and knowledge in the field of public finance. It ranges across all applications, whether in budgeting, revenue policy, financial reporting and audit, compliance or where financial matters take a central position in policy, such as in public-private partnerships or fiscal decentralisation.

Public Policy and Management

This programme will enable participants to make management decisions and policy choices in the financing and management of infrastructure and services in the public sector. You will be able to select a pathway that is best suited to your specialism, skills and objectives, with a choice of eight modules that can be taken in any combination.