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How do governments handle public money? Where does our money go? How can we hold those in charge to account?

Take a fresh look at public financial management with our new free online course with FutureLearn.

A good understanding of how public finances are managed is an important concern, with an increasing number of citizens all over the world, demanding greater accountability in the use of public monies. Public financial management (PFM) is no longer only confined to the expertise of accounting professionals. As the media increasingly report on how mismanagement of public monies impacts on the lives of individuals, it is apparent that some basic notions of PFM should be part of everyone's core knowledge about how the public sector works.

With this in mind, the Centre for Financial and Management Studies at SOAS University of London has produced a free online course in partnership with FutureLearn examining public financial management and the impact of financial management around the world. Drawing on the expertise of the Centre, the course will look at how governments and public sector organisations acquire and spend financial resources and how public sector organisations make decisions on the allocation of financial resource.

The course will provide explanations of how governments decides on which programmes and projects public money should be spent, how it obtains financial resources; how public sector organisations report their performance and how the use of public financial resources is audited.

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