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Our programmes, with their rigorous theoretical frameworks and practical focus on current issues are relevant to businesses, international organisations, government institutions and NGOs. Modules are designed and written by professionals whose own research is at the forefront of current thinking.

Our IPAs give employers the opportunity to offer staff an individual module to fill a skills gap specialist, while our Masters' programmes and Postgraduate Diplomas equip employees with a greater depth of knowledge and training suited to your organisation's needs. Once enrolled, module credits can be used towards further study, which means that IPA students can continue on to a Postgraduate Diplomas and then on to a full Master's programme.

Benefit from your investment

By sponsoring your employees' academic and professional development benefits both you staff and organisation.

Organisation benefits

  • Personnel with enhanced capabilities, expertise and confidence in their field.
  • Immediate professional application of new ideas, strategies and skills, resulting in improvements in your organisation's capabilities, processes, productivity and efficiency.
  • Development of managers with a greater international and organisational awareness.
  • Retention of talented staff members and heightened commitment to your organisation
  • A rapid return on investment through improved organisational performance

Staff benefits

  • Career enhancement without having to take a career break
  • An enriched understanding and knowledge within the field of expertise, leading to expanded professional capabilities
  • Flexibility to select study periods, accommodating professional, family and personal commitments
  • The opportunity to build up a global network of professional contacts
  • An internationally-recognised qualification

Our graduates have gone on to use their qualifications in a variety of prestigious organisations. You can see the wide range of organisations our students and alumni work for on out Careers page.