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What are the costs?

You have the option to pay some or all of your programme fees at the outset (thus avoiding any subsequent rise in fees). You can also pay for each module at the time of enrolling in a study session.

Fees are inclusive of all study materials including your textbooks and access to the Virtual Learning Environment. Whilst we incorporate all of the costs into your module fees, depending on your country of residence, you may incur local costs such as:

  • fees paid to local examination centres for sitting your examinations.
  • customs duties/taxes where these are payable on education materials.

Programme and module fees for 2018/19

For 2018/19, the fees in Pounds Sterling for all distance learning students are as shown below. These module fees come into effect as of October 2018 for enrolment in Session One, which commences in November 2018. You have the option to pay some or all of your module fees at the outset (thus avoiding any subsequent rise in fees) or you can pay for each module as you enrol to study prior to the session commencing.

Award Fee
Master's (6 modules) £10,080
Postgraduate Diploma (4 modules) £6,720
Postgraduate Certificate (2 modules) £3,360
Individual Professional Award (1 module) £1,680

For continuing students only

Award Fee
22.5-credit modules (for students registered on programmes before 1 July 2018) £1,260
MBA Banking £1,160 per module

Funding your studies

There are a number of sources of funding available that can help you to meet the cost of your study. Some of these are based in the UK and others are available from certain countries around the world. You can find a general guide to sources of funding for international students on the British Council website. We also suggest that you enquire in your own country to see whether assistance is available.

We find that a large number of our students receive some financial support from their own employers and it is worth enquiring about this. If they want to know more about what you will be studying or more about SOAS or the University of London, we are very happy to provide all the information your employer will need. There is also an Employers page on this website which provides employers with information on how they would benefit from your postgraduate studies with the Centre.

For more information on gaining support from your employer, please visit the Sponsorship page of this website.


If you are a Canadian citizen, you may be able to apply for tax reductions if you are undertaking higher education. For more information about tax reductions for Canadian students who are studying outside Canada, visit the website for the Canadian Revenue Agency.


Educational loans are not currently available for distance learning programmes at foreign schools but you may still apply for a private non-educational loan.