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Student Kazunari Suzaki

MSc Finance (Economic Policy)

There were several reasons for selecting SOAS; the great reputation of the University of London academic programmes; the flexibility of the learning approach; and the global focus of the case studies used in each module.

At the time, I was travelling extensively around the globe for my work and the MSc offered by the Centre for Financial and Management Studies (CeFiMS) allowed me to continue my studies and yet connect with the program in person when I was in London several times a year. I would use travel time on the plane to read and draft outlines of the assignments. The weekends before assignments were due were generally dominated by the final drafting of the assignments, no matter how much advance prep I scheduled! I am a generally self-directed and reasonably well organised person in other areas of my life, so having to complete readings and assignments independently was usually not a problem, unless the timing conflicted with a specific work assignment. I would say that a relatively high degree of independence and self-discipline is required to succeed at self-directed and distance learning.

Completing the degree, has allowed me to better connect economic events and statistics to outcomes in the financial markets. In particular, the curriculum helped me understand the importance of economic and government policies in supporting sustainable economic growth and the resulting welfare of a society. Almost every day, I find that I apply some element from the programme to decisions and topics arising in my job.