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Student Srivatsan Lakshminarayan

MSc Finance (Quantitative Finance)

A full time career and the possibility of imminent relocation meant that distance learning was the ideal mode of study for me. As it turned out I successfully pursued the first year of my MSc degree while in London and the second year from Mumbai. The experience was seamless.

The MSc qualification is organised by subject and unit modules. The well-structured, suggested weekly plans were extremely useful in gauging progress and identifying slippages in the midst of a very demanding corporate schedule. My busy weekdays at work meant that I did have to rely significantly on weekends to catch up on reading. But the monthly tutorial assignments were really interesting and hands on – consequently, weekends became a time to look forward to, rather than cope with.

Completing the MSc from the University of London unlocked my mind … I have been inspired by the rigorous and empirical nature of the programme. As a result I am now pursuing my passion through a full time PhD programme at SOAS University of London. That is the nature of the MSc qualification – it stimulates the mind and opens possibilities.