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Student Brechtje Swart

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financial Management

After considering all my options to undertake a postgraduate qualification, I chose to do the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financial Management through CeFiMS, which my colleague introduced me to. The choice of different courses offered, frequency of sessions and mode of delivery best suited my need to balance the available time between work at the office, my family at home and sufficient time for my studies.

The online facility used to submit assignments and communicate with other students and tutors was convenient. Distance education in the supportive environment created by CeFiMS makes studying from home a pleasure. The study material, which included case studies and textbooks, was always received on time and in an excellent condition, and the content was of a high standard.

I can assure my sponsor that the studies I undertook were value for money and have helped me tremendously in my career development. I would recommend studying through CeFiMS to anybody.