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Jane Kotlyar
MSc Finance (Financial Sector Management)

The programme exceeded my expectations. How much I learned and how much I know and understand at this point is not even remotely comparable to a couple of years ago … [read more]

Wylie Tolette
MSc Finance (Economic Policy)

There were several reasons for selecting SOAS; the great reputation of the University of London programmes; the flexibility of the learning approach; and the global focus of the case studies used in each module … [read more]

Kazunari Suzuki
MSc Finance (Economic Policy)

The programme has been truly rewarding and has certainly developed my expertise and enhanced my potential … [read more]

Glenna Dureau-Sargsyan
MSc Public Policy and Management

Doing an MSc by long distance was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. [read more]

Srivatsan Lakshminarayan
MSc Finance (Quantitative Finance)

I have been inspired by the rigorous and empirical nature of the programme. [read more]

Olimpia Dumitru
MSc Public Policy and Management

The distance learning mode is a very efficient way to study, especially for someone like me who had a full-time job and a family to look after. [read more]

Esha Mendiratta
MSc Finance (Financial Sector Management)

This programme is designed perfectly for people already working in the financial industry … [read more]

Ritianne Demanuele
MSc Finance (Economic Policy)

This programme best suited my skills and objectives, expanding my discernment of financial markets, the basic economic and public policy tools, and their expected impact on economic performance. [read more]

Douglas Mundopa
MSc Finance and Financial Law

I chose the MSc Finance and Financial Law because I wanted to gain an in-depth technical view of how corporate finance and project finance transactions work from both a financial and legal point of view. [read more]

Brechtje Swart
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financial Management

The choice of different courses offered, frequency of sessions and mode of delivery best suited my need to balance the available time between work at the office, my family at home and sufficient time for my studies. [read more]

Stephen Gedion
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management

A truly unique experience of top class education combined with the opportunity to achieve my full potential. [read more]